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Aix powerha commands

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The daemon is controlled by the system resource controller, so startsrc, stopsrc and refresh work. In particular, refresh is used to re-read /usr/es/sbin/cluster/etc/rhosts and moving the log files. AIX PowerHA (HACMP) Commands Most commands should work on all PowerHA (HACMP prior to 5.5) versions. If there is some syntax error, please consult the manual page for that command. These functions are: - Image management (in OpenStack it is called "Glance") - Compute (VM) management (in Openstack it is called "Nova") - Network management (in OpenStack it is called "Neutron") - Storage management (in OpenStack it is called "Cinder") ---------------------------------------------------------------. 1.1 What is PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX .

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Aix powerha commands

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Although this article presented a simple introduction and how-to for setting up a two-node cluster, PowerHA is capable of doing much more, including application monitoring, integrating NAS resources, and putting logic into starting up resource groups. The command-name is the actual name of the PowerHA SystemMirror command or script. For example, enter man clpasswd to obtain information about the PowerHA SystemMirror clpasswd command. What's new in PowerHA SystemMirror Commands.

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1 What's new in PowerHA SystemMirr or Commands . 1 cl_availability command.. . 2 cl_clstop command.. .

1 cl_availability command .. . 2 cl_clstop command .. .
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Sweden - European Graduates

1 This feature enables system administrators to create clusters from a group of IBM AIX instances by using commands and programming APIs. This feature makes PowerHA an integrated extension of AIX. PowerHA SystemMirror 7.2.4 uses the same clustering foundation as version 7.1 and supports an easy, nondisruptive upgrade from version 7.1 to version 7.2.4.